Harbour Eats, the food hall at Commercial Bay is launched

Precinct Properties have announced that AvroKO, the acclaimed international design firm, will make their New Zealand debut in Commercial Bay with expansive new food hall, Harbour Eats. 

With approximately 700 seats, Harbour Eats will wholly reimagine the food hall experience. Inspired by food halls and markets found in cities like New York, London and Paris, Harbour Eats will be open from early until late and showcase a unique mix of food and beverage concepts. From food truck operators looking for a more permanent location to both new and established chefs, purveyors will be able to swap out or evolve their menus as the day progresses in the flexible, high-energy space. Harbour Eats will also feature an inviting bar, where coffees, juices and smoothies will be available in the morning before wine, beer and cocktails later in the day. The food hall will be located on level 2 of Commercial Bay and extend from Lower Queen Street to Lower Albert Street behind HSBC house. The design will feature open hearths to cook on as open fire is a key inspiration, as well as an abundance of greenery. A ten-metre high stud and glass ceiling will give the space a lofty, open feel. Auckland-based Paul Izzard Design will work in partnership with AvroKO to lend a local lens to the design of Harbour Eats.

“Harbour Eats will offer a food destination unlike anywhere else in the world,” explains Precinct CEO Scott Pritchard. “AvroKO - who are the masters of creating vibrant and exciting hospitality spaces - have designed a flexible place where you’ll be able to enjoy anything from easy breakfasts, grab-and-go snacks, quick lunches, after work drinks or leisurely dinners.”

One of the world’s leading hospitality design firms, AvroKO currently operates in over twenty-one countries and thirty-two cities worldwide, yet has never before worked in New Zealand. This is despite numerous New Zealand connections - their friend Al Brown named his bagel chain, Best Ugly, after their seminal design book of the same name, and one of their restaurant’s in New York, PUBLIC, was heavily influenced by New Zealand cuisine as its executive chef/partner Brad Farmerie was mentored for many years by Peter Gordon in London.

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