Here the city begins

Commercial Bay is where the world steps ashore and begins its love affair with New Zealand. This is where we will present our best face to the world, with the stunning harbour as the natural backdrop to stunning real estate.

Where the day begins for thousands of city workers and where the night begins when work is done. Where extraordinary experiences in shopping, entertainment, hospitality and travel begin.

About Commercial Bay

Bringing together the largest concentration of high quality retail and food and beverage in the city, a luxury hotel  and the striking new PwC Tower, Commercial Bay is set to become the most transformational project Auckland has ever seen. Never before has a single project brought together the best of everything in one location – a world class commercial space, public transport, international quality retail, public spaces and hospitality environments, as well as striking urban design. 

Since the 1800’s the southern shore of the Waitemata Harbour has been an important place of transport, trade and commerce. For this reason, it was named Commercial Bay. This development will again appoint the southern shore of the Waitemata as the heart of the city, re-establishing a hub of transport, commerce and trade for all Aucklanders to meet and enjoy.

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Redefining retail in Auckland

Commercial Bay is a three level retail precinct unlike Auckland has seen before. The 24/7 laneways will redefine retail in Auckland with global flagship brands, diverse food and beverage and the highest concentration of quality retailers in one central location, right on the water’s edge.

We're looking for innovative and iconic brands. One-offs, new local concepts and international brands entering the New Zealand market.

Download our leasing brochure here and if you think you are the right fit, get in touch.

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At the heart of an evolving Auckland


Commercial Bay encompasses the preeminent waterfront axis from Quay Street, Queen Street, Lower Albert Street and Customs Street.

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